It is a magical land in the Peruvian rainforest created to accommodate people who have the sincere intention to find themselves, to heal, to grow and in this way contribute to the evolution of Mankind and the Paradise called Earth.

In his space of influence, it has as main priority the protection and care of autochtonous vegetation and fauna, making aware and promoting respect towards nature.

It is at the same time a centre where you can take part in all kinds of therapies, in meditation, in yoga, in ceremonies with master programmes, in diets and in activities which should serve the development and awakening of the Consciousness, while respecting ALL forms of life, both animate as well as “apparently” inanimate.

It is a magical and powerful place that must be felt and breathed personally as it is only by first-hand experience that we “really know” what we are talking about. 

Come and you will see for yourself!!!




The beginings go back to late 2004 during an exciting first trip to Peru. Three years later, and having had contact with a family from San Pedro de Cumbaza where I had made a home for myself for a month, there came about the possibility of acquiring a good plot of land in the rainforest which had already been cultivated. And thus, in October 2007, the “estate” was bought.

Being an area of approximately 11 hectares, it "opened up" the possibility of the Project as now conceived: conservation of most of the original rainforest; a few hectares for crops and an orchard; and, as an central ambition in all of this, to create a space where we could fulfill the dream of a new model of coexistence and harmony between people, a space for holistic healing at all levels, a place to offer a new Life Experience.




People involved in Human and Spiritual Growth. People who live by respecting EVERYTHING, by accepting all diversities, through Love and the overriding need to share it.

People who love nature, respecting and enjoying it, and being conscions that there's no separation between Mother and Sons. 

People with the yearning to create a New  Humanity, people who are ready to live by this one pulse, to share and spread amongst all this New World what is already unmistakeabley in our hearts!!!






The project has been created thanks to own economic ressources and the ones from people who, in a desinterested way, collaborated at the beggining.

Navadays, the stoys and the group works that take place in Nova Terra, make possible the continuity and the expansion of the project.

Any kind of help is wellcome, thanks !!!




Interview with the digital magazine of “Karma” 

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Visitors opinions and experiences

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New Heaven from Nova Terra
New Heaven from Nova Terra

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