We are Andreu and Magda, who with great effort and enthusiasm are giving shape to a long conceived dream, now a dream come true . We have also benefitted from the loving and exciting contribution of Rosa,  who, from the beginning, “felt” this project as her own, and also with the unconditional support and the encouragement of the family and friends and of Joan, who altruisticly has gifted us with this website which you are reading.






From the town of San Pedro of Cumbaza, which is a 10 km from the city of Tarapoto (Peru), it is a half hour walk through the rainforest to reach NOVA TERRA (New Land).

It is located in the region of San Martin, the terrain is between valleys and mountains, with dense tropical vegetation. It is located between two rivers, the Cumbaza and the Cachiyacu that make the site’s natural boundaries. Also it is crossed by two  gorges with running water all year round, guaranteeing us this vital element.

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The Maloca, sacred space where are made ceremonies, meditations, yoga, integrations, etc....

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after work

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